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Meals !

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Meals !

Lunch in a wooden kotta ! Really interesting and peaceful !

Luch :

- The rosolli (pieces of salted herring mixed with diced beetroot and carrots) a Finnish speciality !

The afternoon, I went for a walk with the cottage's owners. We went in a beautiful forrest where we saw typical animals ! Just amazing !

Dinner :

- A piece of reindeer accompanied by mashed potatoes, it's a dish really famous and apreciated in Lapland !



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Presentation !

Presentation !Hi everyone !

I'm a globetrotter, and I create this blog, to share my hobby...travelling !

This blog will focus on the Lapland, a beautiful destination !

I'll tell you my trip there and give you some advice about the airport, the accomodation, the place to visit, the activities you can do and speak about ...

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Landing ...

Landing ...I arrived at the airport of Kittilä, the only airport in Finnish Lapland !It was very cold, -12°C.. I was really happy to be finally there ! You have to know that, at 2.30 pm, the sun has already set ! Lire la suite

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The cottage !

The cottage !I went to a cottage, in Kittilä ! It was very cosy, the owners were really nice, and welcoming ! There was cold water, electricity, a kitchen, a fireplace, two bedrooms and a bathroom ! When you're in Lapland you can also go to hotel, there is the Harriniva one ! It is a luxury hotel, with a swiming pool, ... Lire la suite

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The beginning !

The beginning !I did my first lesson of snowmobile, before going for a walk ! It was fabulous even though it was very cold !
  Lire la suite

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Dog sledding ... !

Dog sledding ... !I think it's a dream for everyone... make a dog sleigh ride !It's an amazing and emotional experience !  The dogs, were uski of Siberia and Alaska, they were so cute ! Lire la suite

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If you go there...

If you go there...You have to see, you have to do  :- The Vuontis bridge (A bridge in the middle of trees  and  the frozen river goes below ! Splendid !- Go in an igloo and try to sleep inside, really fun but a little bit crazy ! - Go to the kennel of Harriniva, one of the largest in Europe, 400 dogs, very nice ! - ... Lire la suite

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Conversation with a Lapp !

Conversation with a Lapp !The Lapp has sang songs from there just for us ... !

He wears the traditional costume !

I spoke with him, and I asked him about the living conditions, the weather etc.

" Oh we're used to the cold, and the sun don't miss us because we were born here, so we see these landscapes since our birth ! And it's ...

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Some advices !

Some advices !YOU HAVE TO BRING WARM CLOTHING because the temperature can fall until -40°C, it's one of the coldest destination in the world ! Thought to make little movies with your camera because the best memories are in video !! And like that you can see an entire Finnish landscape !
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Santa Claus ...

Santa Claus ... Yeeeees, Santa Claus is in Lapland, you can meet him, I did it ! It was a great experience ! And it's our childhood dream ... see him ! You can take picture with him and give to him your christmas letter ! Lire la suite

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Back to home !

Back to home !It was an amazing trip ! I recomand you to go there !

It's a kind of dream, that I realized ! And I'm happy to have done it !I really hope you enjoy !Finnish kiss ! Julia Lire la suite

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Snow Castle ...

Snow Castle ...A beautiful castle make just in snow, you can see sculptures and table in ice !I think that when you enter in this castle you're transported to another world, a magical world ... Lire la suite

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Muonio's church !

Muonio's church ! A church made ​​of wood, it has the color of the cottage ! You can visit
it !
it's rare to visit a Finnish church, so enjoy !  Lire la suite

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